[kde-freebsd] KDE SC 4.7.2

Vans vans9 at yandex.ru
Mon Oct 24 15:32:15 UTC 2011

Now I know that's not your area, but do you have any info, how is KMS related to the desktop effects?


24.10.2011, в 18:33, Raphael Kubo da Costa <rakuco at freebsd.org> написал(а):

> N V <VaNs9 at yandex.ru> writes:
>> Hi.
>> Does it mean that if I want to have compositing and effects, I have to stay at 4.6.5 until mesa/xorg is updated?
> Probably. This isn't really my area, but from the commit log KWin will
> simply ignore Mesa < 7.10 (it assumes this is the minimum version in
> which the drivers use KMS).

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