[kde-freebsd] Problem with KDE 4.7.2 upgrade

Dwayne MacKinnon dmk at ncf.ca
Tue Oct 18 16:00:42 UTC 2011

On October 18, 2011 10:50:15 AM you wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 4:46 PM, Alberto Villa <avilla at freebsd.org> 
> > Can you paste (http://pastebin.com) the *full* build log of kate 
> > kolourpaint, please?
> Oh, and please, try building with DISABLE_MAKE_JOBS=yes in 

The following build logs were done with DISABLE_MAKE_JOBS=yes. I'm 
on 8.2-RELEASE (i386).

http://pastebin.com/CGFw0CD4 -kde4-runtime build log
http://pastebin.com/AZpRQ1WP -kate build log
http://pastebin.com/KJXpJkEt -kolourpaint build log

I have been unable to find anything about libkate or libkateparts for 
KDE 4.7. If they were removed after 4.6.5 I'm not sure why this problem 
is happening.


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