[kde-freebsd] Fwd: [cmake-developers] CMake 2.8.6 available for download

Raphael Kubo da Costa rakuco at FreeBSD.org
Wed Oct 5 16:02:35 UTC 2011

Richard Wackerbarth <richard at NFSNet.org> writes:

> Gentlemen:
> Kitware just this afternoon released version 2.8.6 of its cmake package.
> Looking at /usr/ports/devel/cmake , I see that the included port is
> only at the 2.8.4 release. You failed to include the 2.8.5 release
> which occurred some time ago.
> As a contributor to the cmake project, I provide expected builds on many FreeBSD systems (6.4 thru 9.0) for their nightly dashboards.
> Can I be of assistance in keeping the FreeBSD port up to date?

Hey there,

We usually keep the cmake port up-to-date, it just happened that 2.8.5
was released during the period we were working on re-shaping most KDE
ports, so we preferred to skip a version and merge everything at once to
the ports tree (at some point it also became apparent that 2.8.6 would
be released really soon, so there wasn't much reason to work on 2.8.5).

Thanks a lot for your work and interest; I believe we'll begin testing
2.8.6 really soon, it just depends on us finishing testing KDE 4.7.2. If
you already have a patch for the port, it can speed things up a little.

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