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Mon Oct 3 11:07:50 UTC 2011

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
a ports/160277 kde        [PATCH] databases/akonadi: Make MySQL dependency optio
p ports/160164 kde        [PATCH] x11/kdebase4-workspace - make astro/gpsd depen
o ports/159415 kde        Support more plasmoids as Google Translator with devel
p ports/159219 kde        [PATCH] devel/dbus: Cannot configure kdm4 from systems
f ports/159072 kde        databases/akonadi: akonadiserver core dumped
o ports/159008 kde        cannot portupgrade editors/koffice-kde4 to version 2.3
f ports/158971 kde        textproc/qt4-xmlpatterns: build fails due to missing .
o ports/158713 kde        Unable to build /usr/ports/multimedia/phonon-xine afte
p ports/157022 kde        [PATCH] x11-toolkits/shared-desktop-ontologies: update
o ports/156901 kde        [patch] devel/cmake breaks with CC containing spaces
p ports/156543 kde        [patch] Mk/bsd.cmake.mk: distinguish STRIP from WITH_D
p ports/156293 kde        [patch] net/kdenetwork4: googletalk plugin for kopete 
o ports/151830 kde        [patch] devel/cmake: install cmake-mode.el
o ports/151154 kde        audio/amarok-kde4 crashes on network activity if ports
o ports/148454 kde        games/freebsd-carddeck-kde4: freebsd's kde card deck d

15 problems total.

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