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Dear KDE team:
I've seen that has not yet released the update to KDE 4.6 and I think SC and
SC van for KDE 4.6.1, I've seen that has not been updated to version of Xfce
version 4.8 and apparently it is because teams have recently migrated to
udev / hal. I wonder if this is called freedom, namely desktop environments
like KDE, Gnome or Xfce are supposed to be free and freely distributed. So
why is it that the core team of these free projects just worry about linux?
and not other operating systems that do not use the implementation of udev /
hal? How is it possible that FreeBSD Forum
[See here: http://forums.freebsd.org/showthread.php?t=21043&page=2]
has been an attempt to implement or something like udev in the FreeBSD
kernel to use these environments? What are we? Why such a monopoly with
linux? If KDE is really multiplatform How can this be allowed? I would like
to know what you think, and what you are doing to use KDE 4.6 on FreeBSD,
not just me but a crowd.

Cheers and have a nice evening, thank you for your attention.
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