[kde-freebsd] deprecated dependecy of kdevelop-kde4 -> kdeutils4

Schaich Alonso alonsoschaich at gmx.de
Sun Mar 13 20:10:19 CET 2011


I'm currently testing to install the kde ports on x86 ( since i can't manage 
to boot up FreeBSD in qemu for any other architecture ). So far all the basic 
kde things installed, nepomuk/strigi doesn't fully work as already reported by 
someone else, and kdevelop-kde4-4.2.0 (might have) failed to install.

It "might", because it so far requires oktetacore.5 to be in misc/kdeutils4; 
however okteta now has become part of kdesdk for 4.6.1, so the line in 
kdevelop's Makefile (line 38, see attached diff) needs to be changed 

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