[kde-freebsd] please ports/japanese/kde4-l10n additional text.

Raphael Kubo da Costa rakuco at FreeBSD.org
Sun Aug 28 02:08:14 UTC 2011

TAKANO Yuji <takachan at running-dog.net> writes:

> Hello. My name is TAKANO Yuji. From japan.
> I use KDE4 by FreeBSD. And I am staff of "Japan KDE Users' Group"
> (JKUG: www.kde.gr.jp).
> Application of kdepim4 does not Japanize at japanese/kde4-l10n.
> Because it is displayed in English, I am very inconvenient.
> Because I made ports which applied the Japanese text which I
> brought from kdepim-4.5.5 to japanese/kde4-l10n with a patch,
> would I adopt it?
> http://icmpv6.org/Prog/FreeBSD_ports/ports-ja-kde4-462-l10n-20110409.tgz
> There are two files in japanese/kde4-l10n/files.
> In addition, it becomes kdepim-4.5.5 that translation of the
> Japanese text advances most.
> KDE4 is in a very happy condition when I use my ports ;-).

I gather this was for the kdepim ports in area51, right? Is it still

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