[kde-freebsd] Crash in kmail 2.1.1 on msg with charset = gb2312

Oliver Heesakkers kdefreebsd at heesakkers.info
Tue Aug 23 07:39:07 UTC 2011

Op maandag 22 augustus 2011 19:17:01 schreef Raphael Kubo da Costa:
> Oliver Heesakkers <kdefreebsd at heesakkers.info> writes:
> > Every mail that has charset="gb2312" set will cause kontact / kmail
> > 2.1.1 to segfault upon viewing / opening.
> > 
> > I can open the message with kwrite and change the charset to UTF-8,
> > after
> > which the message opens without causing crashes.
> > 
> > I filed a bug for this on bugs.kde.org, but the problem seems te be not
> > reproducable under linux, so it's either FreeBSD specific of me
> > specific. Can anyone running kmail 2.1.1 (kdepim 4.6.1) check whether
> > they experience the same problem?
> > 
> > There is more information (including an example mail) available in that
> > bug- report:
> > 
> > http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=279809
> I run KDE (including kdepim) from git master here, so our versions do
> not match 100%.
> I've followed the steps you described in the bug report here and could
> not reproduce the crash, either by viewing the .msg file with 'KMail
> Viewer' in Dolphin or by using 'kioclient exec file:/tmp/crashtest.msg'
> directly in the terminal. In both cases, a window is displayed showing
> the message (first in raw HTML form, but it also works when I enable the
> full HTML view).
> You have kdepim 4.6.x from area51 and kdepimlibs4 is at 4.6.5, right?
> I'm on 8-STABLE here.

8.2-STABLE it says in uname, but that is of course 8-STABLE, as in RELENG_8 
for csup.

kdepim comes from area51 indeed

$ pkg_info | grep kdepim
akonadi-1.6.0       Storage server for kdepim
kdepim-4.6.1        Libraries for KDE-PIM applications
kdepim-runtime-4.6.1 Libraries for KDE-PIM applications
kdepimlibs-4.6.5_1  Libraries for KDE-PIM applications

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