[kde-freebsd] [SVN Commit] area51/PORTS/net-im

Alberto Villa avilla at FreeBSD.org
Sun Apr 10 01:23:07 CEST 2011

SVN commit 7147 by avilla:

- Add ports for the new Telepathy chat framework. Caution: the ports
  are really in early development stage.

This ports are meant to be used for testing, by curious users, and
they'll be the base for the final ports (which might change name).
Should you want to test them, the top ports you're supposed to install
are contact-list, kcall and/or plasma-applet-presence. Other ports are
useful only as dependencies.

Here's the current status of the ports:
* contact-list - mostly usable;
* presence - won't let you change your info, but will show it
* accounts-kcm - fully usable;
* kcall - the interface is there, but won't start any call;
* chat-handler - seems to work, but i have no one to chat with right
* approver - not working yet (i.e., you won't get notifications of
  incoming chats, thus you can't see them).

Chat-handler supports Adium themes [1], which I will soon add as ports
as well.

[1] http://community.kde.org/Real-Time_Communication_and_Collaboration/Components/Chat_Window/Themes

 A             kcall (directory)  
 A             kcall/Makefile  
 A             kcall/distinfo  
 A             kcall/pkg-descr  
 A             kcall/pkg-plist  
 A             plasma-applet-presence (directory)  
 A             plasma-applet-presence/Makefile  
 A             plasma-applet-presence/distinfo  
 A             plasma-applet-presence/pkg-descr  
 A             plasma-dataengine-presence (directory)  
 A             plasma-dataengine-presence/Makefile  
 A             plasma-dataengine-presence/distinfo  
 A             plasma-dataengine-presence/pkg-descr  
 A             telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm (directory)  
 A             telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm-plugins (directory)  
 A             telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm-plugins/Makefile  
 A             telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm-plugins/distinfo  
 A             telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm-plugins/pkg-descr  
 A             telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm-plugins/pkg-plist  
 A             telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm/Makefile  
 A             telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm/distinfo  
 A             telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm/pkg-descr  
 A             telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm/pkg-plist  
 A             telepathy-kde-approver (directory)  
 A             telepathy-kde-approver/Makefile  
 A             telepathy-kde-approver/distinfo  
 A             telepathy-kde-approver/pkg-descr  
 A             telepathy-kde-chat-handler (directory)  
 A             telepathy-kde-chat-handler/Makefile  
 A             telepathy-kde-chat-handler/distinfo  
 A             telepathy-kde-chat-handler/files (directory)  
 A             telepathy-kde-chat-handler/files/patch-config__main-window.cpp  
 A             telepathy-kde-chat-handler/pkg-descr  
 A             telepathy-kde-chat-handler/pkg-plist  
 A             telepathy-kde-contact-list (directory)  
 A             telepathy-kde-contact-list/Makefile  
 A             telepathy-kde-contact-list/distinfo  
 A             telepathy-kde-contact-list/pkg-descr  

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