[kde-freebsd] Folder view regression in KDE 4.5.1

Alberto Villa avilla at freebsd.org
Wed Sep 15 23:21:48 CEST 2010

On Wednesday 15 September 2010 23:01:28 Dwayne MacKinnon 
> I was wondering if anyone else was having problems with file 
previews in
> Folder View for 4.5.1.  My wife has Folder View for her whole desktop
> (replicating the Windows XP experience) and all the photos now 
show up as
> icons instead of previews. I've noticed the same behaviour in my 
> View applet both at work and at home. The previews were definitely 
> in 4.4.5.

i confirm this. it works in subfolders, but not on the main desktop...
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