[kde-freebsd] kdevelop 4 and gdb

Luca Pizzamiglio luca.pizzamiglio at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 13:27:34 CEST 2010

Hi, kde at freebsd team!

I'm Luca. I write to you, maintainer of the kdevelop 4 port, because
I've not yet found a solution of my problem... Hoping you could help

My system is a FreeBSD 7.3 with ports tree daily updated (I build
everything from sources).
I found a problem launching the Debug of an application (simple C++
console application, used the hello world template).

pushing the debug button, kdevelop refresh GUI stopped. Checking the
"ps aux", I saw the gdb istance sleeping and 2 kdevelop istance
sleeping too.
I've read that kdevelop 4 needs gdb 7, so I installed gdb 7.1 (by
ports) and configured the IDE to use gdb71. The behavior is the same.

What is my error? What kind of information can I provide you to help me?
I've also tried to run kdevelop under truss, but the output is quite
not understandable...

thanks in advance for the support!

Best regards,


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