[kde-freebsd] IBus icon size is often wrong in kde4

Yuri yuri at rawbw.com
Sun Oct 31 19:54:12 CET 2010

I have current KDE4 + the ibus ports installed (see below).
Sporadically, after some system updates, I see that ibus icon in the 
tray is scaled to be much larger and only its lower left corner is 
But after some other updates it becomes normal again. I see this 
independently on 2 desktop machines.

This is some bug with KDE or ibus ports.


ibus-1.3.5          Intelligent Input Bus for Linux / Unix OS
ibus-m17n-1.3.0     The m17n IMEngine for IBus framework
ibus-qt-1.3.0       IBus input method module for Qt4
ibus-table- Table based input method framework for IBus
zh-ibus-chewing- Chewing engine for IBus
zh-ibus-pinyin-1.3.8 PinYin engine for IBus

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