[kde-freebsd] ln: /usr/local/kde4/libdata//pkgconfig: Operation not permitted

Marco Beishuizen mbeis at xs4all.nl
Tue Mar 30 15:06:17 CEST 2010


I tried to install KDE (4.5.3) for a change, but without success. I'm 
running FreeBSD 8.0-ST. It exits with:

===>  Extracting for kdehier4-1.0.3
===>  Patching for kdehier4-1.0.3
===>  Configuring for kdehier4-1.0.3
===>  Installing for kdehier4-1.0.3
===>   Generating temporary packing list
===>  Checking if misc/kdehier4 already installed
/bin/ln -sf /usr/local/libdata/ldconfig /usr/local/kde4/libdata/
/bin/ln -sf /usr/local/libdata/ldconfig32 /usr/local/kde4/libdata/
/bin/ln -sf /usr/local/libdata/pkgconfig /usr/local/kde4/libdata/
ln: /usr/local/kde4/libdata//pkgconfig: Operation not permitted
*** Error code 1

I've never seen an error like this before. Has anyone an idea?

Thanks in advance,

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