[kde-freebsd] oddities running CCACHE while building qt4-moc

Max Brazhnikov makc at issp.ac.ru
Sat Jan 9 18:57:13 CET 2010

On Sat, 9 Jan 2010 10:39:05 -0500, Scott Spare wrote:
> Good morning,
> /usr/ports/devel/qt4-moc does not seem to be building correctly with
>  ccache.. Turning off ccache (i.e. running with NO_CCACHE=yes environment
>  variable set) does not seem to fix the problem.
Rebuild devel/qmake4 without ccache to fix the problem.
If you want to use ccache with qt4 ports you have to create links between 
ccache and compilers. See man ccache and /usr/local/share/doc/ccache/ccache-
howto-freebsd.txt for details.


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