[kde-freebsd] FreeBSD Port: x11/kde4

Nahuel Sanchez profesor at yeow.com.ar
Wed Feb 24 03:37:59 CET 2010

i want to know something.
i install Kde4 from ports of FreeBSD and i have a little problem.
i have installed fusefs-ntfs to.
when i put the "disk" with partition "ntfs" this mount perfect...but.. only in 
"read mode" if i do a line command for mount, this mount in read and write,
i found some "partial" solution of this (i auto-mount the partition at start 
of the system but it's not good, because now i can read (and write) any USBKey 
that a problem of kde4 who don't mount in "read and Write" and only mount in 
"read" mode?
thanks and sorry for the time.
have a nice day.
Ser paranoico, no significa que no te persigan

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