[kde-freebsd] [SVN Commit] area51/PORTS/devel

Dima Panov fluffy at fluffy.khv.ru
Wed Dec 22 08:08:11 CET 2010

SVN commit 6812 by fluffy:

- Import qtscriptgenerator to area51
- Update it to latest git snapshot to utilize qt47 new classes
- Make phonon support optional and disable it for now (broken)

 A             qtscriptgenerator (directory)  
 A             qtscriptgenerator/Makefile  
 A             qtscriptgenerator/distinfo  
 A             qtscriptgenerator/files (directory)  
 A             qtscriptgenerator/files/extra-patch-no_phonon  
 A             qtscriptgenerator/files/patch-generator_memory_alignment  
 A             qtscriptgenerator/files/patch-qtscript_masterinclude.h  
 A             qtscriptgenerator/pkg-descr  
 A             qtscriptgenerator/pkg-plist  

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