[kde-freebsd] www/sites/freebsd

Raphael Kubo da Costa kubito at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 01:20:37 CET 2010

SVN commit 1207421 by rkcosta:

Remove the KDE on FreeBSD website from SVN, point to git.

Our website was courageous enough to be the first to move to KDE's git
infrastructure :)

See https://projects.kde.org/projects/websites/freebsd-kde-org for
more details on how to check it out now.

CCMAIL: kde-freebsd at kde.org

 --This line, and those below, will be ignored--

D    news.rdf
D    bugs.php
D    howto.php
D    how-to-help.php
D    search.php
D    ports.php
D    faq.php
D    pics
D    etiquette.php
D    header.inc
D    css.inc
D    news.php
D    area51.php
D    links.php
D    plasmaMenu.inc
D    screenshots-kde3.php
D    people.php
D    img
D    request.php
D    howtos
D    details
D    screenshots.php
D    install.php
D    rss.php
D    index.php
D    irc.php
D    template-bottom1.inc
D    memoriam
D    template-bottom2.inc
D    freebsd_functions.inc
D    site.inc
D    submissions

 A             MOVED_TO_GIT  
 D             area51.php  
 D             bugs.php  
 D             css.inc  
 D             details (directory)  
 D             etiquette.php  
 D             faq.php  
 D             freebsd_functions.inc  
 D             header.inc  
 D             how-to-help.php  
 D             howto.php  
 D             howtos (directory)  
 D             img (directory)  
 D             index.php  
 D             install.php  
 D             irc.php  
 D             links.php  
 D             memoriam (directory)  
 D             news.php  
 D             news.rdf  
 D             people.php  
 D             pics (directory)  
 D             plasmaMenu.inc  
 D             ports.php  
 D             request.php  
 D             rss.php  
 D             screenshots-kde3.php  
 D             screenshots.php  
 D             search.php  
 D             site.inc  
 D             submissions (directory)  
 D             template-bottom1.inc  
 D             template-bottom2.inc  

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