[kde-freebsd] Re: [SVN Commit] area51/KDE/graphics/kdegraphics4/files

Dima Panov fluffy at fluffy.khv.ru
Mon Dec 13 04:06:20 CET 2010

Albi, patch is incorrect at -current

In file included from /tmp/.build/usr/ports/graphics/kdegraphics4/work/kdegraphics-4.5.85/gwenview/lib/memoryutils.cpp:37:                    
/usr/include/sys/sysctl.h:721: error: 'u_int' has not been declared
In file included from /tmp/.build/usr/ports/graphics/kdegraphics4/work/kdegraphics-4.5.85/gwenview/lib/memoryutils.cpp:38:
/usr/include/vm/vm_param.h:109: error: 'u_int' does not name a type
/usr/include/vm/vm_param.h:110: error: 'dev_t' does not name a type
gmake[2]: *** [gwenview/lib/CMakeFiles/gwenviewlib.dir/memoryutils.o] Error 1
gmake[1]: *** [gwenview/lib/CMakeFiles/gwenviewlib.dir/all] Error 2

13.12.2010, 11:17, "Alberto Villa" <villa.alberto at gmail.com>:
> SVN commit 6788 by xzhayon:
> - Let Gwenview calculate correct RAM values on FreeBSD.
> This is the same patch applied to Okular, but it doesn't provide any
> speedup. The results are only used to detect when the memory is full
> enough to warn the user it's time to save pictures modifications. The
> message is quite annoying, so it's a nice improvement though. Patch
> submitted upstream.
>  A             patch-gwenview__lib__memoryutils.cpp
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