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Thu Dec 9 00:28:57 CET 2010

"This package replaces the old polkit-kde-1 package, which has now
been split into agent and configuration. There is no set date for a
first release of configuration yet."
To avoid repocopy and long port names, let's keep this name instead of
polkit-kde-agent, and let's call the configuration package
polkit-kde-config. [1]

Discussed with:	fluffy [1]

 A             polkit-kde (directory)  
 A             polkit-kde/Makefile   polkit-kde/Makefile#6201
 A             polkit-kde/distinfo   polkit-kde/distinfo#6201
 A             polkit-kde/pkg-descr   polkit-kde/pkg-descr#6201
 A             polkit-kde/pkg-plist   polkit-kde/pkg-plist#6201

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