[kde-freebsd] Akonadi and dbus

Gene fbsd at brightstar.bomgardner.net
Tue Apr 13 06:25:02 CEST 2010

Hi -

I'm using KDE 4.3 on Freensd 8.0 amd64. Akonadi server 1.2.1_2 with external
mysql (5.5). On startup, akonadi fails, saying "Akonadi server process not
registered at D-Bus."  there is no akonadi.error file since I began using
externel mysql and dbus is running. I've searched the net for this issue but
most advice is specific to various linux os's. The few things I've found (all
related to mysql) don't help. The test button in system settings just produces
the pop up window with the error again.

Anyone have ideas where to look?



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