[kde-freebsd] [SVN Commit] area51

Max Brazhnikov makc at freebsd.org
Sun Mar 29 23:15:47 CEST 2009

SVN commit 4689 by makc:

Bye KDE3 and Qt3

 D             Mk/bsd.kde.mk  
 D             accessibility/kdeaccessibility (directory)  
 D             arabic/kde3-i18n (directory)  
 D             arabic/koffice-i18n (directory)  
 D             audio/arts (directory)  
 D             audio/juk (directory)  
 D             audio/mpeglib_artsplug (directory)  
 D             chinese/kde3-i18n-zh_CN (directory)  
 D             chinese/kde3-i18n-zh_TW (directory)  
 D             chinese/koffice-i18n-zh_CN (directory)  
 D             chinese/koffice-i18n-zh_TW (directory)  
 D             deskutils/kdepim3 (directory)  
 D             deskutils/strigiapplet (directory)  
 D             devel/kdesdk3 (directory)  
 D             devel/kdevelop (directory)  
 D             editors/kate-plugins (directory)  
 D             editors/koffice-kde3 (directory)  
 D             french/kde3-i18n (directory)  
 D             french/koffice-i18n (directory)  
 D             games/atlantikdesigner (directory)  
 D             games/kdegames3 (directory)  
 D             german/kde3-i18n (directory)  
 D             german/koffice-i18n (directory)  
 D             graphics/kamera (directory)  
 D             graphics/kdegraphics3 (directory)  
 D             graphics/kooka (directory)  
 D             graphics/kuickshow (directory)  
 D             hebrew/kde3-i18n (directory)  
 D             hebrew/koffice-i18n (directory)  
 D             hungarian/kde3-i18n (directory)  
 D             hungarian/koffice-i18n (directory)  
 D             japanese/kde3-i18n (directory)  
 D             japanese/koffice-i18n (directory)  
 D             korean/kde3-i18n (directory)  
 D             misc/kaddressbook-plugins (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-af (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-az (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-be (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-bg (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-bn (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-br (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-bs (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-ca (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-cs (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-csb (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-cy (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-da (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-el (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-en_GB (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-eo (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-es (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-et (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-eu (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-fa (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-fi (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-fy (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-ga (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-gl (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-hi (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-hr (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-hsb (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-is (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-it (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-kk (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-km (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-lt (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-lv (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-mk (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-mn (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-ms (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-mt (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-nb (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-nds (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-nl (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-nn (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-nso (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-pa (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-ro (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-rw (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-se (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-sk (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-sl (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-sr (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-sr at Latn (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-ss (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-sv (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-ta (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-te (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-tg (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-th (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-tr (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-uz (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-ven (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-wa (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-xh (directory)  
 D             misc/kde3-i18n-zu (directory)  
 D             misc/kdeaddons3 (directory)  
 D             misc/kdeedu3 (directory)  
 D             misc/kdeutils3 (directory)  
 D             misc/kfile-plugins (directory)  
 D             misc/kicker-applets (directory)  
 D             misc/knewsticker-scripts (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-af (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-bg (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-br (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-bs (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-ca (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-cs (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-cy (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-da (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-el (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-en_GB (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-eo (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-es (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-et (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-eu (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-fa (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-fi (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-ga (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-gl (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-hi (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-hsb (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-is (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-it (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-km (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-lo (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-lt (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-lv (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-mk (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-ms (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-mt (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-nb (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-nl (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-nn (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-ro (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-se (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-sk (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-sl (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-sr (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-sr at Latn (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-sv (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-ta (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-tg (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-th (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-tr (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-uz (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-ven (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-xh (directory)  
 D             misc/koffice-i18n-zu (directory)  
 D             misc/konq-plugins (directory)  
 D             misc/ksig (directory)  
 D             misc/renamedlgplugins (directory)  
 D             multimedia/kdemultimedia3 (directory)  
 D             multimedia/noatun-plugins (directory)  
 D             multimedia/xine_artsplugin (directory)  
 D             net-im/kopete (directory)  
 D             net/kdenetwork3 (directory)  
 D             net/lanbrowsing (directory)  
 D             polish/kde3-i18n (directory)  
 D             polish/koffice-i18n (directory)  
 D             portuguese/kde3-i18n (directory)  
 D             portuguese/kde3-i18n-pt_BR (directory)  
 D             portuguese/koffice-i18n (directory)  
 D             portuguese/koffice-i18n-pt_BR (directory)  
 D             russian/kde3-i18n (directory)  
 D             russian/koffice-i18n (directory)  
 D             sysutils/kdeadmin3 (directory)  
 D             sysutils/klaptopdaemon (directory)  
 D             sysutils/kmilo (directory)  
 D             ukrainian/kde3-i18n (directory)  
 D             ukrainian/koffice-i18n (directory)  
 D             vietnamese/kde3-i18n (directory)  
 D             www/kdewebdev (directory)  
 D             x11-clocks/kdetoys3 (directory)  
 D             x11-themes/kdeartwork3 (directory)  
 D             x11-toolkits/py-kde (directory)  
 D             x11-toolkits/py-qt (directory)  
 D             x11-toolkits/qscintilla (directory)  
 D             x11-wm/kompmgr (directory)  
 D             x11/kde3 (directory)  
 D             x11/kdebase3 (directory)  
 D             x11/kdelibs3 (directory)  
 D             x11/xscreensaver-kde (directory)  

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