[kde-freebsd] What's the ETA on Qt 4.5?

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Thu Mar 19 21:47:30 CET 2009

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David Johnson wrote:
>> Your advice isn't wrong, really, but I wanted to say that I personally
>> found
>> that you CAN keep your old kde3.5/qt3 installation, merely installing qt4
>> and
>> kde4 over the top  of it.
> There should be zero problems building Qt-4.4.3 and KDE-4.2.0 when you
> have Qt-3.3.8 installed. The problem comes with Qt-4.5.0, which puts
> /usr/local/include before its own includes in the INCLUDEPATH.

Maybe there should be, but I ran into several, mostly linking problems, but not
things I caused myself.  There remains two problems, one I got around, one I
have just done without so far.  The deskutil/strigi won't build, I posted the
error, I'd be glad to post it again if you care, but it's a C++ include thing.
I looked VERY hard at that, couldn't figure out anything (yet, I'm still
looking).  As soon as I figure out cmake well enough, I have another idea to try.

The other one is multimedia/phonon-xine.  Oddly enough, it builds just fine, but
the makefile clains it doesn't recognize the "install" target.  I looked a lonog
time at that makefile, I can't spot anything odd in it, and it only include
bsd.port.mk, so there isn't even anything else to complicate matters (I think)
I have phonon and phonon-gstreamer installed already, just the -xine is missing
(and that's the one that kde wants, of course).  I have checked the entire ports
using cvsup and cvs against my archive, nothing seems out of whack that I can
see (I don't sup the sources, I do the cvs archive.)

The reason I thought that ports folks wanted me to delete my entire kde
installation was the 20090209 UPDATING entry.  I have kde3.5, but I took that
entry to mean all the previous ones, and I wasn't willing to do that  BUT if it
was true, I wanted folks to know I wasn't blaming anyone for me own choice.
Just a matter of what I thought was courtesy.

> --
> David

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