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Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Wed Mar 18 20:32:11 CET 2009

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I finally have kde4 working.  I fixed everything excepting strigi, which I
cheated on, and got a package from a friend.  I may post some questions later
on, after I get thigs working a bit more smoothly, but I want to read all of the
mail on this that I can, first.

Would like to ask 1 question, tho, right now.  I didn't get kde working for the
first while, because I wasn't aware of x11/kdebase4-workspace.  It seems that
nothing pulls that package in, as far as depends go, so when you start up what
you think is kde4, you get whatever old kde you had.  Whie this is a nice way to
verify that my kde3 install still works with kde4 on FreeBSD, I really think
that this port should be brought in from some dependency.  Did I miss this
somewhere, or is kdebase4-workspace really running sans depends-linkage?

OK, to startup questions, 2 of them.  First, on kde3.5, I ran a 3x3, 9 desktop
pages, and did switching largely via the number block on the right-hand side of
the keyboard (keys that report as KP-things).  I tried, in the system setup, to
assign the "2" number as Switch One Desktop Down, but it takes it as Down from
the little cursor-keys block to the immediate left of the numbers block on the
gar right.  I DON'T want to use those direction keys to switch desktops, I want
to use the direction keys in the far right numbers block.  How to accomplish
this in kde4?

Last question, a friend told me thjat when I started up KDE4, I would be
impressed by the new pager, having a snazzy new 3D-ish desktop display.  I can't
see that yet, how to access that?

Thanks for all the help that folks gave me, kde4 on FreeBSD is very nice!
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