[kde-freebsd] Trying to update to kde4.2

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Sat Mar 14 00:50:08 CET 2009

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Bartosz Fabianowski wrote:
> As bsd.cmake.mk says, setting CMAKE_VERBOSE in the port's Makefile
> should do what you want. Also, the way cmake works, it is a replacement
> for the autotools. It spits out a Makefile that is then run through BSD
> make. So, once you have run cmake, you are back in your familiar make
> environment. And finally, if you run ccmake instead of cmake, you will
> be able to interactively change any variables that affect Makefile
> generation.
> - Bartosz

Reading that bsd.cmake.mk make template file was immediately very useful ... I
haven't finished doing all my trouobleshooting, but I've foound the real place
that the missing symbol was missing from, so it's only a short amount of time
'til I track it down.

I really appreciate you giving me that hint... but I wanted to take this moment
to say that I really mourn the fact that all of these extra make template files
have been constructed.  Yes, they DO make everything much more elegant, but they
surely do make everything much more difficult to troubleshoot, and also harder
to learn, and so more difficult to absorb the entire ports system.

This might be an extremely "minority" opinion, I just wanted to take the chance
to air a longstanding opinion.  All of those extra template files DO make things
more elegant, but I wish they'd not been allowed, or (maybe, more exactly) been
much more limited in scope than they have been.  The reason I sare so much about
troubleshooting is because I've spent most of my career troubleshooting things
things from a customer service point of view ... maybe not always, but it's what
I enjoyed best, and anything that makes things much more difficult to fix, it's
very very important to me.  Much more important than elegance.

Thanks for allowing me a moment to spout off, just ignore it (so we don't start
some big argument over it).  And I certainly DO appreciate the hint, it's fixed
my problem, and let me enjoy doing the fix.
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