[kde-freebsd] KDE 4.2.1 breaks juk

Dwayne MacKinnon dmk at ncf.ca
Fri Mar 13 15:37:40 CET 2009

Hi folks,

I've run into this problem on two boxes now: I've upgraded to KDE 
4.2.1, using phonon and the gstreamer backend. (I can never seem to 
get the xine backend to work; it seems to have some problems with 

Both boxes are running 7.1-RELEASE on i386. On both boxes I 
installed phonon-gstreamer during the upgrade.

Anyways, on both boxes, juk refuses to work. I hit play, and nothing 

Now, interestingly enough, I goofed up on the upgrade on one box. I 
upgraded phonon (including installing phonon-gstreamer) and nothing 
else. I then ended up upgrading kdemultimedia to 4.2.1. At this point, 
juk still worked. It was only after upgrading the rest of KDE to 4.2.1 that 
juk stopped working.

Any thoughts? I'm kinda unsure how to keep troubleshooting this.


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