[kde-freebsd] Trying to update to kde4.2

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Fri Mar 13 03:35:06 CET 2009

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I don't really want to delete my existing kde, in order to upgrade, that seems
pretty extreme, so I'm doing it manually.  Right now, I'm trying to update my
kdelibs, which is stuck on doing kdeaccessibility.  Kdeaccessibility (in
ports/accessibility) is failing due to a missing symbol.  Here's the error line:

/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: /usr/local/lib/libkio.so.7: Undefined symbol
*** Error code 1

So, /usr/local/lib/libkio.so.7 isn't linking because of a symbol, which c++filt
decodes as "QWidgetAction::eventFilter(QObject*, QEvent*)".  I found that the
text of that symbol is in lib/qtGui.so.4, which is in place and correctly
softlinked, and I even checked it OK with objdump.  My problem is, I don't know
anything at all about CMake, so I can't tell if the linking line for the
kdeaccessibility port is correctly calling out libQtGui.so.4, and the listing is
not verbose enough to give me any help.

If it'd been make(1), then I'd have known what to do.  Can anyone give me a hand
on this, someone who knows CMake a bit better than I?  Maybe, just tgiving me an
idea how I could force CMake into extreme verboseness (so I could read the
linking lines)?

I really wish that there weren't so many projects that rewrite their own make
tools, especially the ones which decide they don't need to be verbose.  It makes
things really hard on folks, when stuff doesn't work perfectly.  (Just me
bitching, ignore, please.)
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