[kde-freebsd] Can't mount vfat USB drives in KDE

David Johnson david at usermode.org
Sat Mar 7 09:50:23 CET 2009

I can't mount vfat/msdos USB drivers in KDE4. But I can mount ufs drives. 
After HOURS of trying to figure this out (which users should never have to do) 
I discover that the -L option to mount_msdosfs does not work. When I try to 
mount by hand I get the following:

$ mount_msdosfs -u 1001 -L C /dev/da0s1 mnt
mount_msdosfs:  C: No such file or directory

This is the exact same debug message I get out of HAL when I try to mount the 
drive in KDE using the Device Notifier. I don't use the -u or -L options by 
hand, but that's what KDE tells HAL to use, which I didn't find out until 
debugging HAL.

Unfortunately, KDE *still* does not allow users to change the default mount 

Is this a KDE bug? Or a FreeBSD mount bug? I'm using 7.1-STABLE. I'm patching 
KDE by hand to workaround this, because it's been a month now without being 
able to use USB drives, and I tired of fighting it. But I would love to see 
some rational solution instead.


David Johnson

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