[kde-freebsd] Please test attached bug fix patch for kdemerge script

Marco Bröder marco.broeder at gmx.eu
Sun Mar 1 06:35:11 CET 2009

Hello all,

here is a small patch for kdemerge script to fix a serious bug which can lead 
to wiping out all files (but not directories) from original ports directory.

It looks like the bug will be triggered only under certain conditions or 
environments because for some users the script seems to work.

But it did not work for me. I have the ports directory on its own UFS2 file 
system in a separate partition within a separate slice. That is the only 
difference I am aware off.

So I looked through the script and found the problem. With the attached patch 
everything works fine and as intended for me. It should work for all. So I ask 
everyone to please test the patch. If everything goes well it would be nice if 
the patch gets committed. Thanks in advance! :-) 

While there, I also added a small check to the path assignments so it does not 
matter if user specified paths contain problematic inputs like trailing slashes 


Marco Bröder <marco.broeder at gmx.eu>
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