[kde-freebsd] KDE 4.2 and FreeBSD 6.4 Support

David Johnson djohnson at ics.com
Fri Jan 30 18:20:25 CET 2009

On Friday 30 January 2009 04:35:48 am Martin Wilke wrote:
> First of all it is sad to say, but currently there are only 2
> people who actively work on KDE4. It is _really_ hard work to
> get KDE4 ready for FreeBSD. Also it is getting harder to build
> KDE4 with gcc 3.x. Of couse if somebody want to support KDE4
> on 6.x you are welcome to our team! Try to compile KDE, make
> patches and push them upstream! So, in order to move forward
> we may have to drop 6.x support. We just don't have the manpower
> to build multiple versions.

Perhaps someone could put out a call for assistance on the KDE devel lists? 
There are several FreeBSD users there, maybe we can snag one or two of them.

> Ok, enough for the moment. What do you think about
> 6.4 support?

As long as KDE 3.5 will still be available on 6.x, I don't have a problem with 
it. If we don't have the manpower, then we don't have the manpower.

David Johnson

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