[kde-freebsd] Testing KDE 4.2

Alex alex at mailinglist.ahhyes.net
Sat Feb 21 17:06:34 CET 2009

+1 to that

Compiled kde 4.2 from ports. Took a longggggggg time, but I have not 
seen any issues yet. There is definitely an improvement. KDE 4.2 seems 
much more responsive! I had only 1 obstacle on the way and that was when 
it came to compiling a dependency (mpeg4ip), whoever maintains this has 
set up the build process so that all warnings are treated as errors. As 
you might expect the build generated a warning and the compilation was 
aborted (using the standard freebsd gcc compiler under 
7.1-stable/amd64). I had to resort to pkg_add for that one. Other than 
that, things have gone quite smoothly.

A big thank you to the team responsible for porting this. It must have 
been a huge task. Very grateful for the time end effort put in, well done!

Patrick Lamaizière wrote:
> Le Tue, 17 Feb 2009 19:58:19 +0100,
> Patrick Lamaizière <patfbsd at davenulle.org>:
>> I'm sorry if this is a FAQ, but I'm asking if we can test KDE 4.2 and
>> keep KDE 3.5 for day to day use without problem?
> Thanks for your replies.
> So I'm testing KDE 4.2 and it's a very nice job!
> I do not have any problem for the moment.
> Many thanks to the KDE/FreeBSD team.
> Regards.
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