[kde-freebsd] gpgme upgrade patch

Jason E. Hale bsdkaffee at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 10:27:28 CET 2009

On Friday 13 February 2009 18:37:56 Doug Barton wrote:
> Jason E. Hale wrote:
> > I agree about verifying the signature.  The gnupg1 support I have trouble
> > with.  I have no doubt gnupg1 works with gpgme, but currently every port
> > that uses gpgme and directly depends on a gnupg version makes use of
> > gnupg2.
> There are no new features in gnupg2 that gpgme will "make use of." The
> only real difference is what command line it calls (gpg vs. gpg2).
> It's also worth noting that the way I have written it gnupg2 is
> preferred if it exists, so in most cases this issue will be a no-op.
Actually, kdepim* make use of gpgsm for CMS encryption through gpgme.  This is 
only available with gnupg2.

The problem with your patch is that on a system where gnupg2 was not 
previously installed, gpgme is going to pull in gnupg1 by default.  That means 
no gpgsm.

I reworked it into an option so that gnupg2 is the default and the user can 
select the box if they want to use gnupg1 instead.  I also specifically 
disabled gpgsm and gpgconf if we are using gnupg1 since they are shipped only 
with gnupg2.

Diff is attached.

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