[kde-freebsd] Missing QT_COMPONENTS entry in kdegraphics4?

Max Brazhnikov makc at issp.ac.ru
Wed Feb 11 17:13:04 CET 2009

On Wed, 11 Feb 2009 09:35:22 -0600, Matt wrote:
> Hi all.
> Are we missing a "qmake_build" setting in QT_COMPONENTS for
> kdegraphics4?  It doesn't look like that port's been changed recently,
> but it just failed to build in my amd64 tinderbox (in a build running
> with the official fbsd ports tree).  So I'm guessing a change
> somewhere else in the chain exposed this?  Maybe a change in
> Mk/bsd.qt.mk?

I've changed devel/qca lately, also removed run deps on qt4 build tools. I've 
fixed one qca consumer, but forgot about kdegraphics.


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