[kde-freebsd] gpgme upgrade patch

Dima Panov fluffy at ns.ael.RU
Sun Feb 8 05:23:05 CET 2009

       Greetings, Sticky Bit!
        On Sat, Feb 07, 2009 at 11:34:44 +0100, You wrote:
     (stickybit == Sticky Bit)

stickybit> On Saturday 07 February 2009 03:47:16 Doug Barton wrote:
stickybit> > Dima Panov wrote:
stickybit> > > The new gpgme builds fine with pth. Sticky Bit, update your pth package
stickybit> > > at first, please.
stickybit> I have _always_ up to date ports installed! And of course my installed pth 
stickybit> port was and is up to date!
stickybit> Please do not assume anything you do not know for sure. Thanks!

Oops! I'm sorry. Indeed, with Doug's patch gpgme-pth can't be built. .
I've used this one: http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=ports/131108

stickybit> > I built pth from the latest ports tree today and gpgme 1.1.8 didn't
stickybit> > build with my version of the port.
stickybit> Same here. But pth is not needed anyway ...

kdepimlibs42 is used gpgme-pth. 

BTW, kdepim42 was built and run with this on my laptop.

stickybit> > > Couple of gpgme-based applications builds and run like a charm.
stickybit> > > I'll be test kde4.2 apps as soon as possible.
stickybit> Did KDE 4.2 runtime tests and everything seems alright. New gpgme version 
stickybit> actually solved one longstanding bug with 'kleopatra'. So it is an highly 
stickybit> appreciated upgrade.
stickybit> Thanks again!

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