[kde-freebsd] gpgme upgrade patch

Gábor Kövesdán gabor at FreeBSD.org
Sat Feb 7 17:43:28 CET 2009

> D'oh! I always forget to check the PR database. I have no objections
> to you maintaining the port. I would like you to consider some of the
> changes I added though, especially downloading (and optionally
> verifying) the .sig file, and making the gpg version optional. I don't
> think we should force users to choose one version or the other, and in
> my (admittedly minimal) testing gnupg version 1 works just fine. If
> you need another copy of my patch, let me know.
I don't know what .sig file do you refer to but some time ago there was 
a discussion about such validations on ports at . There was a diff for 
bsd.port.mk to add such checks and it has been never committed but some 
people started to add snippets to individual ports. The consensus was 
that we removed these snippets relying on so@ opinion, which said that 
these .sig files don't provide further advantages over our MD5/SHA256 
> Also, FYI there are a few gratuitous changes in your patch (moving
> things from one line to another without changing anything) that should
> generally be avoided without good reason.
Yes, those seem to be unnecessary.
>> gabor@ took the PR.
> Gabor, what's the status? I am happy to take this one on if you'd prefer.
I've applied the patch on a working copy. It applies fine and there are 
no portlint warnings. I haven't had time to do further review and test, 
though. If you feel like, you can take the PR, it seems that you are 
more familiar with the port and the whole subject, in general.

Best wishes,

Gabor Kovesdan

EMAIL: gabor at FreeBSD.org
WWW:   http://www.kovesdan.org

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