[kde-freebsd] portupgrade to 4.3.0 -- preliminary UPDATING notes?

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at janh.de
Wed Aug 5 18:55:23 CEST 2009

Martin Wilke wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 05, 2009 at 06:07:16PM +0200, Jan Henrik Sylvester wrote:
>> Currently, I am tring to portupgrade the remaining kde*-4.3.0 ports, but 
>> I just bumped into headers from qt-3.3.8_10 preventing the kdelibs4 
>> build -- these were problematic, but maybe there are more:
>> /usr/local/include/qdatetime.h
>> /usr/local/include/qtextcodec.h
>> Any advice?
>> Do I have to remove kde3?
>> Did anyone build without removing kde*-4.3.0 first?
> I hope i find later today a bit time to write the UPDATING.

I guess I have to be patient. ;-)

(In the meantime, I moved all the headers from qt-3.3.8_10 out of the 
way and started another portupgrade attempt.)

I wonder if installing kde4 additionally to qt3/kde3 is still supported, 
because with every previous kde4 version in ports, having qt3 installed 
was not problematic.

Thanks for your work,
Jan Henrik

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