[kde-freebsd] KDE4 won't build on 7.0 Stable AMD64

Thomas Abthorpe tabthorpe at freebsd.org
Thu Oct 23 22:29:31 CEST 2008

On October 23, 2008 02:40:06 pm Thomas Abthorpe wrote:
> *** Warning *** Experimental *** Warning *** Test at your own risk ***
> Based on the feedback from Max, I have put together this patch for libxine.
> For it to work environment variable WITH_KDE has be set, and libxine has to
> be rebuilt.
> This is currently a WIP, and a needs further testing, use at your own risk.
> Thomas

Next round, with the assistance of Miwi, this is the next working/testing 

Again, use at your own risk in the mean time :)


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