[kde-freebsd] battery status indicator for kde4, freebsd7

Vikas Kumar kvikas at ymail.com
Sat Oct 4 17:34:04 CEST 2008

Hello all,

Not sure if this the correct list for kde related help. If not then please let me know the correct one.

I got freebsd7 with kde4 installed on my acpi supported laptop. Everything is working great except the battery applet, which shows 'N/A' instead of battery status. However, "acpiconf -i batt" gives me battery status so i think this is not an issue with freebsd or my laptops acpi support.

Please let me know what do i need to install/do to get this to work. This is the only thing forcing me to switch to linux now.

I read archive dated april-2007 in this list saying kde acpi support is buggy. I's wondering if that is fixed now. If not then what do you guys use as battery status indicator.

PS: I'm new to freebsd so not sure what all information is required for this. If you need any input please let me know.



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