[kde-freebsd] checking if UIC has KDE plugins available... HANGS

Kevin Miller, Jr. kevin.miller at saigonnezumi.com
Wed Mar 5 02:35:10 CET 2008

Only qt and kdelibs compiled.  Each of the kde ports after kdelibs
compiled  hung at the same spot including koffice.

David Johnson wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 March 2008 04:48:26 am Kevin Miller, Jr. wrote:
>> And it hangs :-(
>> Should I rebuild the whole system?
> Ack! I would hate for you to do that. But much easier than trying to rebuild 
> the affected port all the time, is to simply run the command that fails:
> /usr/local/bin/uic -L /usr/local/lib/kde3/plugins/designer -nounload \
> -impl actest.h actest.ui > actest.cpp
> You'll need at Qt and kdelibs for this. You also said you got all the way up 
> to kdegraphics. Does this mean that other (non-kdelibs) KDE ports 
> successfully configured?

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