[kde-freebsd] KDE/FreeBSD website updates

Andy Fawcett andy at athame.co.uk
Thu Jul 31 21:30:38 CEST 2008


I've updated the website (http://freebsd.kde.org) with a few things.

1. Added Martin (miwi) and Max (makc) to the list of current 
maintainers. They truly deserve credit for the immense amount of work 
they've done for KDE 4.

2. Added a news item to let people know what's happening, and pointing 
them to the FreeBSD wiki page with testing instructions

3. Created the first KDE 4 screenie. I'll add more if people send them 
to me. Particularly once we have the localization support ports in place 

One thing I was discussing with miwi was the need for improving the site 
content. First on the list will be something about HAL, but I'm open for 
other suggestions and even articles.

Andy (tap)

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