[kde-freebsd] FreeBSD BoF

David Johnson djohnson at ics.com
Thu Jan 17 21:18:45 CET 2008

We had a small handful of people for the FreeBSD BoF, here at the KDE Release 
Event. Here are some very short notes:

* Dashboard. We need nightly builds of KDE on FreeBSD.

* Runtime testing. Yes it builds, but does it run correctly. Most Linuxisms 
are runtime.

* SVN Ports. We need development ports on SVN. There are a few potential 
locations: squash, fruitsalad, etc.

* Community building. Once we have some ports up, the community (we) can start 
building, testing, logging, etc.

* Better web presence. The freebsd.kde.org page is very static, hard to 
maintain. We need a wiki to more easily keep information up to do. Leverage 
off of techbase.

David Johnson

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