[kde-freebsd] KDE4

David Johnson djohnson at ics.com
Wed Jan 16 18:53:57 CET 2008

On Tuesday 15 January 2008 03:58:49 am Mats Andreassen wrote:
> Hey. :)
> First things first: great job on KDE3, guys. :)
> I'm probably not the first to ask about this:
> Are you working on creating a KDE4-port?
> And do you think this is far away?
> Maybe you could put up some announcement on
> these issues on freebsd.kde.org?

If you want to play with KDE4 in the meantime, you may want to try 
kdesvn-build. This is a semi-automatic build script for KDE, that works with 
FreeBSD. You can find it at: http://kdesvn-build.kde.org/

There are also some generalized build instructions for FreeBSD at: 
http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Getting_Started/Build/KDE4/FreeBSD .

David Johnson

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