[kde-freebsd] kde4 application problems

Warren Liddell shinjii at maydias.com
Wed Aug 13 15:43:24 CEST 2008

> $ rm -r ~/.kde4
> 	matthias
Some questions may seem confusing, but im switching between KDE 3 & 4

ok, error #1 .. Kopete loads aok, added accnts for MSN, ICQ, AIM, yahoo .. 
only AIM & ICQ want to connect .. MSN and yahoo refuse, had same issue with 

Kmail crashes on load with sigserv 11, i can provide a saved output file for 

Where in KDE4 do you go, so the bottom taskbar shows the multi desktops 
horizontally and give you the option to hide the bottom bar when inactive .. 
i have had a search an cant seem to find any settings for this.

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