[kde-freebsd] KDE-4.1.0 report

Matt Dawson kde4test at chronos.org.uk
Sun Aug 3 19:54:19 CEST 2008

Hi all,
	Managed to get a full tinderbox run without any errors or 
changes, so I installed KDE4 on the test box. Couple of little niggles:

1) The system tray does not show any icons. It expands, but there's 
nothing there. Changing the desktop theme to oxygen from elegance 
gives the impression that they're off to the bottom of the system tray's 
display space. Might seem trivial, but this makes Kmix, Juk and Kopete 
almost impossible to interact with properly.

2) Sound in Juk is hit'n'miss. Looks like it's a "feature" rather than a 
bug, as there seems to be some fading in and out going on between 
tracks. I personally preferred the old behaviour, but whatever floats 
their boat. Might try Amarok when I can get the system tray working.

3) Kleopatra crashes. Often and repeatably when importing a root cert 
into Konq.

4) Desktop effects DO work with nVidia cards as long as your 
xorg.conf is set up as for compiz fusion (ARGB visuals, composite 
enabled etc). The desktop seems just as snappy as compiz when the 
effects are enabled, including wobbly windows.

5) Prinitng does not work with base lpd. It shows whatever is in 
printcap, but does nothing. I suspect it is using CUPS' lpr instead of the 
base system's, which won't work across the network with a BSD box 
running stock lpd/apsfilter. I can't see anywhere to change the kprinter 
settings, either.

6) Works fine with NFS mounted /home (true file locking, not stopped 
at the wire as for Fx 3) and NIS. Most excellent!

Apart from the niggles, very impressive. Thanks for all the hard work!



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