[kde-freebsd] [HEADS UP] QT4.4 RC and KDE4.1 Alpha

Martin Wilke miwi at FreeBSD.org
Wed Apr 30 11:33:40 CEST 2008

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[HEADS UP] QT4.4 RC and KDE4.1 Alpha

Howdy All,

Next week I plan to update QT4 to 4.4-RC and KDE4 to 4.1 Alpha.

Why ?
It's simple we have a long open Bug list on FreeBSD, I/We want
to make sure we can fix most with the 4.1 Final Release.
(Without wild hacking and patches). But before we can do this
we need to clarify the PREFIX situation with KDE3. The questions
is now how is the Status from KDE3 (3.5.9 should go to ports)
(lofi?). How do we finally handle the PREFIX for KDE4?

And another problem (not really serious but should be discussed)
is that I want to rename some ports:

 kdepimlibs ->		kdepimlibs4
 kdebase-runtime ->	kdebase4-runtime
 kdebase-workspace ->	kdebase4-workspace
 kdenetwork	->	kdenetwork4
 kdeartwork	->	kdeartwork4
 kdeadmin	->	kdeadmin4
 kdeutils	->	kdeutils4
 kdemultimedia	->	kdemultimedia4
 kdeedu		->	kdeedu4
 kdetoys	->	kdetoys4
 kdegraphics	->	kdegraphics4
 kdesdk		->	kdesdk4
 kdewebdev	->	kdewebdev4
 kdegames	->	kdegames4

The rename makes more sense for the future with KDE5.
(Hopefully not in the next 5 years)
Does anyone have anything against it?


 - Martin

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