[kde-freebsd] ports/116484: [PATCH] OPTIONS'ify x11/kdelibs3

Michael Nottebrock lofi at freebsd.org
Fri Sep 21 17:20:07 CEST 2007

The following reply was made to PR ports/116484; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Michael Nottebrock <lofi at freebsd.org>
To: Doug Barton <dougb at freebsd.org>
Cc: bug-followup at freebsd.org
Subject: Re: ports/116484: [PATCH] OPTIONS'ify x11/kdelibs3
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 17:16:47 +0200

 The libthai dependency will not be made optional, since it is not a
 >> localization feature - it is required by khtml's text rendering engine.
 > Well that's just silly of them. Is it possible to make it optional there?
 When it's turned off, khtml will still work, but it will not display
 Thai correctly.
 >> The fact that it can be disabled at configure stage at all is just
 >> remnant of the time when that code was being tested prior to inclusion
 >> into the main distribution.
 > Ok, thanks for the clarification. Still be nice to avoid what for most
 > of us is useless bloat ...
 It really makes me wince to hear things like correct rendering and
 handling of certain content being referred to as useless bloat. Texts
 written in Thai usually have no spaces between words - that makes
 handling them difficult in applications such as webbrowsers. Libthai is
 a small library with no additional dependencies of its own that
 addresses these things and provides a reference implementation which is
 increasingly adopted by free software projects all over (pango, mozilla)
 and helps in fact reducing bloat through code reuse. Did I mention it is
 really small ? :)
 It's somewhat beside the point, but I am continually surprised about the
 fact that nobody has ever asked for image format support libraries to be
 made optional in the KDE ports instead - for a couple of them, the much
 more convincing argument of increased security by avoiding code with a
 bad security history could be made ...
 >> The kdelibs3 Makefile does not contain an explicit dependency on
 >> kerberos. The configure check should simply fail to detect kerberos and
 >> then configure kdelibs to disable support for it. Does the configure
 >> script fail for your if no kerberos is installed on the system?
 > The configure script does not fail, the build fails. I agree that it
 > is a condition that should be detected automatically, but it
 > definitely isn't.
 Interesting - can you supply a log of such a failed build, including
 config.log and the output of ls /var/db/pkg?

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