[kde-freebsd] kivio -- adding/creating stencils

Michael Nottebrock lofi at freebsd.org
Wed Nov 14 11:57:35 CET 2007

> > My read between the lines is that the kivio version in this version  has
> > been modified and issued in a commercial guise and the developers do not
> > want too many features to appear for this version for fear of cutting into
> > commercial version revenues.
> Well, no. That's some kind of paranoia speaking that has no bearing on the 
> realities of KOffice development. The best thing for you to do, actually, 
> would be to work on the Kivio2 branch in order to implement the tools there, 
> and that gives you full ODF support as well.

I second that. The (much more sad) truth really is, KOffice is stuck in a
negative feedback loop of too few users giving not enough input to too few
developers interested in developing yet another office suite. 

The fact that OpenOffice has overtaken KOffice in both popularity and
features long ago and now leads by a mile (at least as far as the mainstream
applications like word processing and spreadsheets are concerned) does not help.

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