[kde-freebsd] non-linear arts playback

Christian Gusenbauer c47g at gmx.at
Wed Nov 7 20:10:19 CET 2007

On Tuesday, 06. November 2007, Harald Schmalzbauer wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 6. November 2007 18:15:55 schrieb Christian Gusenbauer:
> > Hmmm, I switched from arts to aKode in juk and that definitely helped me!
> So before, you've also seen (heard) the skiping frames when playing audio
> files with noatune or kaboodle or any other aRts companions (like amarok)?
> I don't really know juk, just that it's excluded from standard
> kdemultimedia build.

Yes, I heard them, too. Mplayer works, but as soon as aRts gets involved, the 
problems arise. Juk can be configured to use arts or akode for playback. When 
I configure arts, the audio playback skips frames. Akode on the other hand 
works for me.

Noatune skips frames, too.

> > Playing system sounds has never been a problem for me, though.
> Most likely they're too short that they catched your attention...

OK, I tested it with longer mp3s and oggs and frames are skipped :-(. I also 
tested it with a longer wav and that doesn't work either. Short ones (like 
KDE_Startup.wav) seem to work, though.

> > Is there a
> > switch for system sounds where I can switch between arts and akode?
> Well, AFAIK aKode is the decoding part of aRts. Every application (in KDE)
> which doesn't use OSS (or esound ....) uses aRts and aRts itself relies on
> aKode (with the observed hickups) or mpeglib.
> Please correct me if I'm wrong, it's just a guess of FreeBSD dependencies.
> I'm not really familar with KDE and it's compopnents.

I'm not familar with them either.

> > I haven't had the time yet to upgrade my box to 3.5.8 - but this is one
> > of the next things on my todo list :-).
> Be carefull if you use komposite (composite (transparency) extension of
> Xorg). In my case it just stopped working without any obvious problem.
> Maybe it's related to Xorg 7.3 upgrade, maybe it's a KDE problem. Also 
> nVidia problem could be the case.

Thanks for the hint!

> Best regards,
> -Harry


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