[kde-freebsd] [PATCH] devel/kdevelop broken

Michael Nottebrock lofi at freebsd.org
Fri Mar 23 16:01:25 CET 2007

On Thursday, 22. March 2007, Bartosz Fabianowski wrote:
> A mail has been sent regarding this issue to kde-packagers at kde.org
> moments ago and I want to add an important note before anything gets
> committed.
> The patch added in devel/kdevelop revision 3.4.0_1 to fix qmake parsing
> is incomplete and renders KDevelop unable to open or create qmake based
> projects. One piece of the problem is a missing FlexLexer.h file, which
> is what the message on kde-packagers at kde.org is about.
> However, there is a second, FreeBSD specific, problem. The patch that
> was obtained from Debian modifies Makefile.am in
> buildtools/lib/parsers/qmake which, in turn, requires the Makefile.in to
> be regenerated. However, for reasons unknown to me, the FreeBSD port
> disables the functionality required for that in the KDE build system.

It doesn't. You just don't have the autotools executables required for that 
magic in your standard path. And if you do, rebuilding Makefile templates on 
the fly might break more than it fixes. I'll try to doctor your modified 
Makefile.in into the original patch.

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