[kde-freebsd] cvs commit: area51/devel/kdevelop/files patch-vcs_clearcase-clearcasemanipulator

Michael Nottebrock lofi at orm.arved.priv.at
Mon Mar 5 13:13:17 CET 2007

lofi        2007/03/05 13:13:17 CET

  KDE/FreeBSD QA/Devel Repository

  Added files:
    devel/kdevelop/files patch-vcs_clearcase-clearcasemanipulator 
  Why kdevelop sucks in a nutshell: How is anyone supposed to produce
  portable programs with it, when even its own authors are too clueless
  to use portable functions for *reading a line of text*. :( :( :(
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1       +11 -0     area51/devel/kdevelop/files/patch-vcs_clearcase-clearcasemanipulator (new)

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