[kde-freebsd] ports/113295: net-im/kopete: pleawse add 'make config' to choose kopete plugins to install

Michael Nottebrock lofi at freebsd.org
Tue Jun 5 11:23:52 CEST 2007

Mark Linimon schrieb:
> Old Synopsis: make config, im ports, to choose kopete plugins to install
> New Synopsis: net-im/kopete: pleawse add 'make config' to choose kopete plugins to install
Of course an OPTIONS menu that only triggers configure switches falls
somewhat short of a good solution, however: It seems that kopete indeed
has become modular enough recently to allow building and installing all
of its supported protocols and feature-plugins separately, so splitting
the kopete port up further into kopete,
kopete-protocols-[msn|y!m|icq|jabber|...] and
kopete-plugins-[connectionstatus|nowlistenening|translator|...] indeed
seems feasible and useful, since it would allow people to significantly
cut down on compilation time (or download volume for binary packages).
Alas, I don't have the time and there is already KDE 3.5.7, KOffice
1.6.3 and Qt 4.3 on my todo list to keep me occupied.

If anybody is interested in doing this, please feel free to try at any
pace you like, just send a quick reply to this message to let us and
other interested people know that you're working on it (this sort of
thing can be very well done in cooperation, too). To summarize:

Junior Job Description:

- Split kopete into base port, protocol ports and plugin ports.
- Include OPTIONS menu into base port that triggers runtime dependencies
on protocol/plugin ports to ease transition for users.

- Plugin and protocol ports must be buildable independently from base
port and other plugin/protocol ports.
- All new ports must yield a working binary package.
- Plist substitutions must not be used.

Required skills:
- Familiarity with ports framework and autoconf  a plus, but learning on
the job through copy, read & paste perfectly possible.

Available help:
- The kdenetwork (+lanbrowsing, kopete), kdegraphics (+kooka, kamera,
kuickshow) and akode (+akode-plugins) ports are good templates.
- Feel free to contact me directly or via the mailing list in case of
questions, but please allow for somewhat long response times.

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